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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online free to play sci-fi RPG gameAfter the spandex fighting of Champions Online: Free For All, Cryptic Studios hyper-traveled to deep space with a completely different MMORPG – Star Trek Online. Despite some entertaining moments, life is hard in a World of Warcraft-dominated environment and the transition to free-to-play was more and more likely as months went by.

As a free game, it’s impossible for any Star Trek fans – or sci-fi fans in general – to refuse spending some hours in space, choosing to craft their destiny as a captain of a federation starship or waging war and expanding the Empire as a Klingon Warlord. This choice is a great plus for the game, since our actions can be very different according to the paths we take. The character editor is deep and extremely pleasant, a trademark of Cryptic Studios, but it’s obviously intentionally limited due to the license at hand. We wouldn’t want to see a Klingon in an evening dress or something, right?

The idea of exploring new and strange worlds, some of them directly taken from the Star Trek mythology is one that certainly appeals to many players, and the degree of freedom offered deserves praise. Besides walking with your crew in inhospitable territory, giving them orders and fighting enemies, there’s a space combat section that requires the use of our tactical skills to take down the enemy ships.

It’s hard to take fault at Star Trek Online. The narrative is of great quality and gameplay is sufficiently varied and rewarding. It won’t set the world on fire, but the galaxy will surely be different after venturing into it.

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