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Stealth Bastard

Stealth Bastard is a fantastic and completely free stealth platformer that could show Sam Fisher a thing or two. In this fast-paced mix of platforming, hacking and dying a lot, shadows are the player’s best friend. There are many ways to die and all of them in gruesome glory.

Curve Studios, the team behind Stealth Bastard, are known for the PSP versions of the quiz game Buzz and PSN platformer Explodemon, and decided to create what they call a fusion of Metal Gear Solid and Super Meat Boy. This description fits the game perfectly.

There are 28 twisted levels to overcome in split-second decisions, avoiding certain death. When the campaign mode is complete players may explore the in-game level editor, an amazing piece of software that was used by the designers to create the official levels. There are many other features such as the capacity to share your levels, a rating system and a leaderboard.

Stealth Bastard is a frantic and amazing piece of entertainment, one that will never bore you and that will most likely make you curse at the screen. Great, challenging games usually have this effect on players.

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