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Septerra Core: Dream About the Past

Septerra Core: Dream About the Past free fan RPG game for PCSepterra Core: Dream About the Past is a sequel to the commercial RPG Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, published in 1999 by Monolith Productions for the PC platform. This freeware fan-made sequel was developed using RPG Maker XP and features retro-style graphics such as those that were popular in the NES system.

In the original retail game players learned about a world made of seven shells. Each of them was inhabited by people and animals. All shells have been combined, and the gift of the creator was shown to everyone. After that people had peace for a few years.

In this unofficial sequel, some years later, new danger hangs over Septerra's world. A big explosion caused by Nergal disconnects all shells once again, which results in destroying the world spine. Each shell is going in its own direction, and they will collide in 45 days. Once again, Maya – the main character - will have to gather her friends to save the world, but this time with the help of a new character - Doskias.

Doskias and Selina were rescued in the last seconds by soldiers and managed to survive. After everything Doskias claimed that the Gods gave him new life and now he wants to rebuild everything that he destroyed.

Players are capable of controlling 10 different characters along the adventure, including Doskias. The battle system is now in real-time, much like the system used in the latest Final Fantasy games. The campaign in Dream About the Past can take from 10 to 15 hours to complete and offers two different endings.

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