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Summoning Wars

Summoning Wars free role-playing PC game

Summoning Wars is a free, open source 3D RPG for PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac. It’s still an ongoing process, with the developers frequently adding new touches and polishing some aspects. It’s clearly very far from the usual commercial RPGs but it’s worth a look since its creators are extremely dedicated to the game.

That commitment can be seen in the way you can slightly control the 3D camera, but mostly by the game modes on offer – a single player adventure with a lot of care going for the story and a multiplayer mode for up to 8 players. The hack’n’slash style of gameplay comes complete with weapon, goods and equipment purchasing, as well as an intuitive interface, but we can regret a certain emptiness in some scenarios.

Summoning Wars is already worthy of attention, but if the developers keep on adding content and improving the technical department, then it can become absolutely mandatory.

Free Full PC Game Download (80 MB):
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