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Dash and the Stolen Treasure

Dash and the Stolen Treasure free action adventure PC game

Free games are getting higher and higher production values as we speak, Dash and the Stolen Treasure being another fine attempt at an action platformer. Once again, the team behind this free indie game hails from Spain, a country that has shown a huge talent growth in the last few years, with studios creating quality games such as the Runaway series – and the recent adventure The Next Big Thing – and the impressive Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Set in the sunny and colorful Caribbean islands, Dash and the Stolen Treasure places us in control of Dash, a pirate who isn’t particularly lucky or adventurous, since he has fear of water – a major obstacle for a pirate, I’m sure you’ll agree. However, things get really bad when the treasure that he had in his ship is stolen by a group of blind shark pirates. Dash sees a few of his doubloons on a tropical island and he sets to recover his treasure. How? By being a part of this free 3D action game like so many others we used to see a decade ago.

There’s comic cartoon violence all the way, with Dash using a wooden sword to whack his enemies. He’s also capable of jumping and double jumping and even swimming, although he’s not particularly fond of this.

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