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Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse free PC online FPS

A new entry in the multiplayer shooter genre, Red Eclipse is a completely free and open source game based on the Cube 2 engine (another acclaimed freeware FPS game). Being open source, Red Eclipse is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and players can edit the game maps.

Red Eclipse is mainly a multiplayer FPS with a great graphics engine that can be tweaked in many ways, so that each player may run the game with a satisfying compromise between visuals and speed. The atmosphere is reminiscent of those of classic games such as Quake, Halo and Unreal, with great texture detail and fast gameplay. Players can also enter a single player mode against bots to test their skills before heading for the online battles. Game modes include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Ball Striker and more.

The fighters in Red Eclipse are extremely agile, being able of the usual techniques, but also using swords at close combat, but also to run up walls and using a jetpack for flight.

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