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Super Hover Blast

Super Hover Blast free action puzzle PC gameSuper Hover Blast is a free action game with a twist – the hovercraft that the player controls doesn’t fire any bullets, only air. However, the air cannon is a much more powerful weapon than one could think at first, since it will easily destroy your enemies in different ways. This game blends action and puzzle elements in a perfect way.

Super Hover Blast began as a project to create a physics engine but evolved into a freeware game with a story mode and such. The player has to bring down the rule of General Al Imakhbeel, a very bad guy, by eliminating several military bases and the forces within. Although outgunned, the player has to use his air cannon against the enemies’ missiles, machine guns, land mines and many more tools of mass destruction. Use your cannon and your wits to turn their arsenal against them. Push them into hazards, for example, or deflect missiles with your air cannon. This is as much a shoot’em up as a game that requires a lot of strategy and out-of-the-box thinking.

The creator describes Super Hover Blast in a very funny and credible way: “a bit like billiards, only in real-time and with all the balls trying to murder you.”

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