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The Indie Game Legend

The Indie Game Legend free retro PC action gameThe Guardian Legend is a NES game that earned cult classic status and now has a spiritual sequel in the shape of the free PC game The Indie Game Legend. The similarities are clear, with more than 125 rooms to explore in 5 different environments.

The player controls a space warrior and in this tribute to retro-style 8-bit games of the NES era, being homage in both gameplay and visual style. The retro graphics are smoothly colored and the chiptune soundtrack will make players fondly remember times that are long gone.

Controlling the character is extremely easy, with over a hundred rooms to explore, 8 types of different weapons to eliminate hordes of enemies, and power-ups and gems to collect, all of this while watching the score rise. In old-school fashion, returning to previously visited rooms brings back to life all the enemies.

Free Full PC Game Download (21 MB):
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