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Ballman Planets

Ballman Planets free PC Pac-Man action gameBallman Planets is a creation of a small Spanish indie team and is first and foremost a fantastic tribute to the classic Pac-Man game. It also pays homage to another great game of our times, namely Super Mario Galaxy. The creators, Code Vikings, are also responsible for the hilarious free strategy game Crazy Cows: Attack of the Horny Big Breasted Mammals.

This is a free PC game featuring exciting action in stunning 3D maps with fully mouse controlled gameplay. The game can also be seen in 3D anaglyph mode, for those who have the necessary glasses. The player has to explore the galaxy, jumping from planet to planet and collecting all the balls, just like in the Pac-Man game. Of course, you also have to avoid the ghosts!

The game was created in just two weeks for the RetroAccion 2010 contest and won. It’s not a long game, due to the short development time, but it’s very addictive and the creators say it is a prelude to their next project, so here’s hoping they expand on the theme.

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