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Sprint: King of the Jungle

Sprint: King of the Jungle free PC platformer gameSprint: King of the Jungle is as cute as free arcade platformer games come. Guide Sprint, a super fast lion across the jungle obstacles by using his imposing roar to activate gimmicks. Beat the 50 levels as fast as you can to earn speed medals.

This is a fun and addictive freeware game for PC developed by an Italian indie studio, Lionsoft Games (the game supports both Italian and English languages). It’s mindless fun but at the same time also demanding, without much room for error. Study the best path and overcome the levels while collecting all the balls to unlock bonus content. Besides running and jumping Sprint is able to roar, something that will activate different objects. For instance, a platform will move, an animal will be scared and other animals will get out of his way. The levels fit in a single screen, without scrolling, but they’re challenging and diverse.

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