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Invaders! Possibly From Space

Invaders! Possibly From Space free PC shooter gameBehind the funny title, Invaders! Possibly From Space is an addictive freeware PC shooter that is a tribute to two great franchises of different ages: the amazing Space Invaders arcade game and the Futurama animated series created by Matt Groening (from The Simpsons fame) and David X. Cohen.

Fry and his friends from the Futurama show have to fight an alien invasion from planet Nintendu64, and will meet several famous characters along the way, such as Super Mario, General Colin Pacman and others. Be on the lookout for the power-ups that affect your ship, with things such as a double shot. The graphics are very appealing and inspired by the animated show. To play this addictive free PC game, just use the mouse to move and the left button to shoot. There are lots of levels to beat!

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