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Toy Shoppe starring Yishee

Toy Shoppe starring Yishee free PC arcade gameToy Shoppe starring Yishee is an addictive free arcade game that will keep you glued to your PC for hours on end. Cute and lovable Yishee is the star of the game and she has to give her customers the toys that they request.

The game is played with the mouse, and the proprietary Marcade Systems MMS technology turns your device into a motion-sensing accelerometer. It’s not as revolutionary as it sounds, since many golf and pool games feature the same kind of control, but it gives a nice edge to the gameplay. Basically the player has to pick a toy from the conveyor belt and throw it to the customer, but we have to guess which toy the buyer likes, basing our thinking in gender and stereotype (for instance, a small boy is more likely to appreciate a scary toy or a videogame console). Each successful sale will bring more money to the store and after a few sales the current day is over.

Toy Shoppe starring Yishee is a fun game featuring a concept related to Diner Dash or Cake Queen.

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