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Grand Theft Auto 2 - Free PC Game User Review

Grand Theft Auto 2 Free Game ReviewFor some the classic Grand Theft Auto game is old, for others it is not, as Grand Theft Auto 2 is great fun due to its mayhem nature and classic crimes. Yes, the game may be old but the game will live on as a car crashing people smashing rocket launching box of fun.

It is pretty fun after a hard day of work to come home and randomly smack people into walls with a giant truck but then there are the downsides. Sure it was great for its time and it’s still alive but even back in 1999 it still had some minor/major flaws.

To start off the game may have a lot of fun to be had but also some missions are described as "Hard". I of course didn't think that was true, so I played it with about 50 people with rocket launchers firing them randomly at me so that I fail the mission. I always did wonder what those little people did when you die and come back, do they leave or sit around a random campsite having a jolly old BBQ.

The graphics are pretty good for 1999 but could use a little improvement. The game play is the classic murder/mayhem, but the sound is pretty bad, almost as if they muffled "Twat Twat". Overall, this is a pretty good free PC game when put together in medium portions.

Graphics: 8/10 Sound: 9/10 Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

User Review by Jordan Mace
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