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Top 10 Best Upcoming Free Games

The freeware gaming scene has a lot of talented programmers, but only some of the games get the acclaim they deserve. Others are canceled or put on hold indefinitely. However, some are true gems that leave us excited even during the development stage.

Here we list a meager 10 games that we find extremely promising. It’s our Top 10 Best Upcoming Free Games. Some of them have demos available, others only feature trailers or screenshots, but they’re all worth a look, trust us!

1 - TAGAP 2

TAGAP 2 is the sequel to the charming The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins. There’s no release date yet, but it’s confirmed to once again be freeware, and it’s looking good. And I mean GOOD!

Developer: Penguin Development Team

2 - Card Sagas Wars

A fantastic looking beat’em up with famous characters from other games. Link, Cloud, Guybrush Threepwood and many more, and also a card system to spice up the fighting.

Developer: orkimides & ahruon

3 - Heart Forth, Alicia

Heart Forth, Alicia is a free platform adventure game with some RPG elements in which a wizard girl was betrayed by a loved one, who attempts to destroy her world. The game seems to be still in development but sadly there’s not much new going on.

Developer: Alonso Martin

4 - Bug Army

Bug Army is an action shooter with some RPG and platforming elements. The visuals are fantastic and controls are reminiscent of classic shooter Abuse.

Developer: Louis Ferina
Demo (engine test):

5 - Ruff ‘n Tumble remake

This is a remake from an old Bitmap Brothers platform shooter for the Commodore Amiga, and it’s incredibly faithful to the original. There’s still no idea about when the Ruff ‘n Tumble remake will be released.

Developer: shezzor

6 - Xeno Fighters EX-R

Xeno Fighters EX is a tribute game, using familiar gameplay elements from the Raiden series, the Raiden Fighters series, Psikyo’s Strikers series, and some “manicness” from the fantastic Cave shooter games. There’s a beta available for all to try.

Developer: JudgeSpear
Demo (v0.6 Beta):

7 - Epileptica Forte

A shooter slightly reminiscent of Amiga classic Agony, but instead of an owl we have… a pink dragon. He brings love, peace and happiness to the world by blowing everything up with exploding hearts and an exploding rainbowlaser! It's a cute but frenetic shooter worth playing.

Developer: CK

8 - Chaosfrog

A remake of platform hit Superfrog of Team 17 from the year 1993. Help our green bouncy hero to find his princess and take him through many worlds and levels with lots of surprises. It has completely new graphics full of details and the perfect atmosphere of the legendary platform game.

Developer: Chaos Interactive
Alpha version:

9 - ToyRacers

ToyRacers is a game under development - currently in beta, featuring classic gameplay, 3D graphics and realistic physics. The game offers singleplayer modes as well as splitscreen for 2-player races on one computer.

Developer: Stein Nygard
Beta version:

10 - Zombpocalypse

Zombpocalyse is a no-frills action arcade shooter; reminiscent of the 8-bit era, but with next generation flare. Your aim is to blast zombies away, of course, on 7 different maps.

Future Zombpocalypse development is currently on hold.

Developer: Inland Studios, LLC
Unfinished product: