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Pandora’s Gearbox

Pandora’s Gearbox - free gamesPandora’s Gearbox is a puzzle game where you’re trying to get a ball though a machine to the finish area. You can’t see into the machine, so you have to guess what’s inside. You have several tools that help you in your task. You can move objects that are red directly. You also have a robot with built-in sonar that can explore the inside of the puzzle.

There are 10 levels included with Pandora’s Gearbox. Level 1 is a tutorial level that should give you all of the information you need to play. Here are some tips to help you:

* You can rotate red items with the arrow keys, use this in cramped levels
* The robot can teleport to the starting area if stuck; just click on the start
* The robot can be deactivated with right-click; this is useful if you need to carry it
* Don’t be afraid to restart the level if things go wrongly
* Think logically. If you’re stuck, it’s probably because you haven’t explored all your options. The game doesn’t require crazy reflexes or luck.

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