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DingoThis is a remake of Dingo. The original arcade game was made in 1983 by A.C.G. (also known as “Ultimate Play The Game“). Dingo is a labyrinth/maze game and you are ‘Big Ted‘ – a panda on a mission.

Your mission is to collect all the fruit on the screen to advance to the next level. Your enemy are the Dingoes – they will try to stomp on you which will cause you to lose one of your three lives. Sometimes the Dingoes will also collect fruit by stomping on it and throw it at Big Ted – which is also fatal.

Luckily Big Ted can defend himself by picking up fruit and use it to throw after the Dingoes. Very hand for survival as it stuns the Dingoes for a few seconds…but a piece of fruit gives you just one shot and you have to pick up another piece before you can shoot again.

However, fruit’s no good when it’s been thrown around, so every piece that you throw won’t add to your score, so it’s best to try and clear the screens as fast as possible and only throw as little as you have to.

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