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ASS - Advanced Shiny Simulator

ASS - Advanced Shiny SimulatorThis is a remake of “Orion” – a 2D mazegame set in space, originally programmed by Ian Beynon and released for the ZX Spectrum computer by Software Projects in 1983.

You are Dave Perry, and you have to walk around the Shiny headquarters and collect all your games which has been scattered all around the offices.

You have to collect all 100 games to complete the game. You can also pick up money, which will give you more points, but too much of a good thing will make you blind, so after taking a coin, you won’t be able to see where you’re going…until you collect another game – or an extra life. Even more of a good thing is even worse – because if you take two coins in a row, you will loose a life – you have to pick up a game for each coin taken. Of course, you don’t have to collect the coins, but they’re usually laying all over the place…and very often in your way. You do have a personal shield for protection though. It doesn’t recharge very quickly, but if you activate it you can destroy the robots that a patrolling the levels.

So it’s a maze game – everybody knows how to play a maze game, right? In a nutshell – move around the maze, avoid all the enemies and collect a bunch of items. When you have collected enough items, you will have completed the game.

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