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Guakamole Con Sushi

Guakamole Con Sushi - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesGuakamole Con Sushi is a whack-a-mole clone with fast paced game play and excellent graphics by Ndeal and music by Pegwo. When our hero is asked to cut up sushi for his restaurant, his master lends him his very own chopping table. If the player misses and damages the table, his master will be furious!

Pegwo, Blake, and Ndeal's entry for the 72 Hours of Pixelation 2 competition.

Press 1-6 on the numpad to slice the corresponding sushi.
If you hit 10 sushi in a row, then you get a special power. Press enter to destroy all sushi on screen.
The longer you go without missing the more points per slice you get.

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