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Narbacular Drop

Narbacular Drop - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesNarbacular Drop is an environmental puzzle game in a fantasy setting, where the player navigates a dungeon with two interconnected portals. The dungeon has a series of traps and puzzles, which the player must solve by moving around objects in the environment using the portals. The key feature of this game is the Portal System. This portal system is a technical feature that is demonstrated in a few games to date, and has never before been the central focus of a game. The concept is two interconnecting portals that can be freely placed by the player. When looking into one portal, the viewer sees out the other and vice versa. The added feature of moving through the portals allows for many unique gameplay possibilities.

This portal system, combined with a basic physics simulation allows for a huge level of interactivity. Players can toss boxes, boulders, or even themselves around the dungeon. Players can come up with their own creative solutions for the puzzles presented.

The portal interface is very simple. The left mouse button fires the a blue portal, which appears on the wall, ceiling, or floor in front of the player. The right mouse button fires a red portal. Only one of each portal can be open at a time. This allows for a fast learning curve and low-intensity game play that benefits puzzle games.

Narbacular Drop is a fun, original puzzle game with unique and intuitive game play. Players can find creative solutions to engaging environmental puzzles using a never before seen portal system. The cartoon atmosphere and low-intensity, simple game play will make for a very fun and memorable game.

Free Full PC Game Download (v1.4 - 25 MB):