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Mr. Blocko Super Tournament Edition

Mr. Blocko Super Tournament Edition - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesMr. Blocko: Super Tournament Edition looks like Tetris at first glance, however instead of controlling the blocks, you control a little square guy who pushes them around. The goal is the same: Clear lines to gain points. However, you only gain points for the blocks in your color, and the only way to turn blocks into your color is to push them!

Up to four players going at it, and only one can win! With either a time limit, score limit, or no limit at all, anything's fair and anything goes as long as you're the winner! Do whatever you can to destroy your opponents - jump on them, crush them, or trap them, and then steal their points!

Playing field too thin? Blocks fall too fast? Perhaps you'd like to triple the game speed? Blocko STE comes with the ability to modify the game to make it play however you want it to! There's never a dull - or fair - moment when there are so many falling blocks that your character can't fit on the screen, and guess what, you can make it happen!

You can't save your highscores unless you play with the default settings though... you know, just in case you had any illusions about cheating your way to the top.

If you're bored of the themes supplied with the game, you can easily make your own themes. Use the provided templates in the Themes folder and draw away! Draw swear words, scale down some porn, it's entirely up to you!

You can even draw your own clothes, hats or faces for the little guy, just go into the Accessories folder and hack away!

Developer: Perfect Run
Released: May 2006
Official Website

Free Full PC Game Download (2 MB):
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