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Free Fighting Games (Page 4)

Street Fighter 2Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2 brings back the good old SNES times and it is still a lot of fun to play. Choose your character and fight enemies all around the world to become the champion!

Street Fighter LegendsStreet Fighter Legends

With Street Fighter IV the classic Capcom franchise enjoyed a fantastic comeback and several different games were since then released or are in development.

Street Fighter OnlineStreet Fighter Online

Online multiplayer (via internet) remake of X-Men vs. Street Fighter arcade game. The new download version of SFO has brand new features such as Windows Vista support.

Super Cosplay War UltraSuper Cosplay War Ultra

In this Japanese 1 or 2 player fighting game called Super Cosplay War Ultra (SCWU) the fighters turn into different characters from anime movies, TV shows and video games.

Super Smash LandSuper Smash Land

If Super Smash Bros. was adapted to the Gameboy, the resulting game would be something like Super Smash Land. Nintendo heroes such as Link, Kirby or Mario are

Super Street Fighter II NESSuper Street Fighter II NES

Super Street Fighter II NES is a great adaptation of the famous game to NES quality, using the popular MUGEN engine. All the notorious fighters imagined by Capcom...

Super Vampire Ninja ZeroSuper Vampire Ninja Zero

Super Vampire Ninja Zero prototype is a fighting game where the player takes control of Mina, a martial arts expert that has some demon/undead butts to kick!

The Black HeartThe Black Heart

The Black Heart is a fighting game created with the M.U.G.E.N. engine. There are six playable characters to choose from. The game has been inspired by many things.

The  Monster MashThe Monster Mash

The Monster Mash is a fighting game created with the inevitable MUGEN engine, and one that shows a great deal of care in the design of the characters and backdrops.

Zangefool Fighter 20XXZangefool Fighter 20XX

A contender for the weirdest fighter ever award, Zangefool Fighter 20XX takes on the classic Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter formula and offers a cast that is comprised...