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Free Fighting Games (Page 1)

The fighting list page has all the beat’em ups you could ever wish for. Ranging from realistic to cartoon and anime visual styles, some of these games are completely original works mostly using the MUGEN and OpenBor engines. There are also some fan games, tributes to popular franchises such as Street Fighter, Dragon Ball, Final Fight and Golden Axe.

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Ballistic Fist indie fighting PC gameBallistic Fist

While there are plenty of MUGEN fighting games on PC, not all of them have the desired quality. Once in a while, a game such as Ballistic Fist appears and shows what an indie studio...

Battle CapacityBattle Capacity

Created with the FM2K engine and inspired by a Create a Pokémon community, Battle Capacity is an amazing and free fighting game featuring some of the best graphics...


BloodNight is an action packed fighting game, which allows you to choose between three avatars and do battle in one of two futuristic settings. Each character has its own strengths...

Bullets of a RevolverBullets of a Revolver

Bullets of a Revolver tells the story of Raymond Walker and Marguerite Roberts, two bandits from the Wild West looking for a legendary Golden Cave.

Bruce Lee: Revenge of the DragonBruce Lee: Revenge of the Dragon

There’s no better inspiration for a beat’em up than the master of kung-fu himself – Bruce Lee. He’s the main protagonist of Bruce Lee: Revenge of the Dragon...

Code Name Sailor VCode Name Sailor V

Serving as a prequel to Sailor Moon Plus, CN:SV follows the story of the Manga of the same name and borrows a few elements from Sailor Moon Episode 42 of the Anime.


CraftFighter is a 2D fighting game made by CraftStudio. As hinted in the title, it is set in the universe of Minecraft. CraftFighter is a very simple fighter game, there are four...

Double Dragon III: The Dragon StoneDouble Dragon III: The Dragon Stone

Double Dragon III: The Dragon Stone is a free action game created with OpenBor and will absolutely marvel fans of old school beat’em ups. The Double Dragon is...

DragonBall Heroes M.U.G.E.N.DragonBall Heroes M.U.G.E.N.

DragonBall Heroes M.U.G.E.N. is a fighting game created with the popular engine and using the DragonBall cast, featuring dozens of characters to play with in several game modes.

DragonBall Vs. Street FighterDragonBall Vs. Street Fighter

In "Dragonball Z: Dragonball Vs. Streetfighter", you meet the coolest characters from DBZ and the Streefighters all together in one game. Twenty-four (eight hidden) of them are here.

DragonBall Vs. Street Fighter IIIDragonBall Vs. Street Fighter III

There’s nothing more appealing than two great fighting series getting together for some action. When classic Street Fighter characters meet their match in the anime heroes...

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