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Free Racing, Simulation Games (Page 1)

Welcome to the page for those in need for speed. The free racing games on display will please all kinds of players, as they range from the most arcade and fun to the extremely demanding simulations. Remember classics such as Death Rally, among many other topdown view racing games, or get behind the wheel in simulations such as Torcs. And there’s always TrackMania Nations Forever!

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A Bug's DriveA Bug's Drive

A Bug’s Drive is a free racing game where you race against other bugs, also known as Volkswagen Beetle, in 12 tracks, that can be driven in Reverse mode.


"Our debut project where we tried out fundamentals of our later game engine used in Aquadelic GT. We won the simulators category of Becherovka Game 2005 competition."


Becherov is a car simulator that takes place in a virtual city. The player drives through the city in various cars and completes different tasks for Becherovka factory.

BMW M3 ChallengeBMW M3 Challenge

BMW M3 Challenge and its four different playing modes will provide plenty of opportunity for determined practice for the soon starting worldwide online competition.

Buggy RaceBuggy Race

Buggy Race is a simple action-arcade racing game for youngest players, which allows our kids to improve agility while having a great time. Car races are devoid of any violence.


CarArena is a game by IzE_Design , a Rally game where you play in special circuit in arena. You have five cars and five circuits. The style is a Cartoon style.

Carrera So-o 2Carrera So-o 2

Sequel of 2D racing game Carrera So-o is here. This time you can count with any features - game modes, more tracks and multiplayer.

Chase HQ2 EvoChase HQ2 Evo

Chase HQ2 Evo is a rally simulator where you can choose various cars (Subaru Impreza WRC, Toyota Corolla WRC, etc.) and play on Practice or Championship modes.

Communism Muscle Cars freeware racing PC gameCommunism Muscle Cars

Communism Muscle Cars is a racing game that was released in 2009 as a retail product but now is available for free. We could say that “in Russia, cars drive you”, but that would...

Death RallyDeath Rally

In late 1996 this top-down racing game took all by surprise with it's addictive nature and excellent gameplay. In 2009, Remedy is proud to announce the free re-release.

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