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Free Adventure, Visual Novel Games (Page 6)

Earl Mansin: The BreakoutEarl Mansin: The Breakout

'Earl Mansin: The Breakout' is a fully-voiced inventory-based graphic adventure game. If you've played any of the old Sierra or Lucas Arts adventure classics, you know what to expect.

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Echoes of TerraEchoes of Terra

Echoes of Terra is a free sci-fi adventure game set within a short environment (only five rooms to explore). Gameplay is pretty much classic stuff and won’t take long...

Egress Test of STS-417 free PC adventure gameEgress: The Test of STS-417

As the commander of a two man recon team, the player enters a mysterious sci-fi adventure and a tale for survival in an unknown planet. A routine maintenance operation goes...

Emily Enough: ImprisonedEmily Enough: Imprisoned

Emily Enough: Imprisoned is the touching story of a misguided but brilliant child heiress turned murderer, and her descent into the corporate underbelly of a New York State asylum.

Escape From The Chaotic CityEscape From The Chaotic City

Eddy, enjoys living his way, drinking tons of soda and resting all the day. But today, the life of this fan of horror movies will turn into a nightmare. Something breaks into the silence...

Eternally UsEternally Us

Eternally Us is a free adventure game that won't take long to finish but is very pleasant to play. Two friends, Fio and Amber, get separated and the player has to reunite them.

Eye of the KrakenEye of the Kraken

Eye of the Kraken is a humoristic 2d adventure game that, in spite of a small-scale diffusion, managed to charm the genre lovers when it was commercially released.

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Fate by Numbers v1.1.0Fate by Numbers

Fate by Numbers is a Full Motion Video adventure game filmed against a green screen and featuring 3D pre-rendered backdrops. The game includes over an hour of HD-video.

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Five Lethal DemonsFive Lethal Demons

Five Lethal Demons is a short parody game about the intricate world of game development and the people responsible for it. The player steps in the shoes of Helga, a boss...

Five Magical AmuletsFive Magical Amulets

Five Magical Amulets tells the beautiful story of a humble young woman named Linda in a magical land and a quest to save this amazing world. Explore the four chapters...