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Free Adventure, Visual Novel Games (Page 5)

Cosmos Quest 3: The Mines of IsagorCosmos Quest 3: The Mines of Isagor

Cosmos Quest is a series influenced by the Space Quest adventure games from Sierra. The Mines of Isagor is the third chapter in the series, and was created with AGS.

Cosmos Quest 4: The Ayatolian March indie PC gameCosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March

The amazing Cosmos Quest freeware adventure series has a fourth chapter named Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March. Once again, Bulgarian indie developer...


This is the story of Cacoe, a stick man made of chalk, with special X-Ray vision. Whilst reading a newspaper he comes across an article about someone called Fenelda.

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In the style of old-school adventures, Cyber is a freeware game that blends text adventure elements with pictures and all the comfort that a mouse can offer the player.

Dacey in the Dark - PreludeDacey in the Dark - Prelude

Dacey in the Dark is a game about fate. The first chapter of this intended free adventure series deals with the sadness and melancholy about times that we cherished...

Dead Cyborg - Episode 1Dead Cyborg - Episode 1

Dead Cyborg is an old-school, first-person adventure game series that is free to download but is donation-based. What this means is that if players love the game and...

Digital: A Love StoryDigital: A Love Story

Digital: A Love Story is a free computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1998. At least one of the following features is real: discover a vast conspiracy...

Dirty SplitDirty Split

When a plastic surgeon is found murdered in his office the police are quick to apprehend a prime suspect. It is a textbook case - except the suspect didn’t do it.

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Dizzy and the Other SideDizzy and the Other Side

Spectrum and Commodore 64 fans surely remember a little egg with legs created by The Oliver Twins for Codemasters, from a time when the British developer was far from...

D.Nd: PoisonedD.Nd: Poisoned

Wammy's House is an orphanage ubicated at south of England. Brilliant orphans from around the world are trained to fulfill a purpose: become copies of L, the greatest detective ever.

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Dreamside MaroonDreamside Maroon

Dreamside Maroon is a whimsical, exploration-based adventure, following a timid maroon on a journey to the moon, aided by a hearty vine. Aster, the protagonist...