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Free Adventure, Visual Novel Games (Page 4)

Ben Jordan Case 5: Land of the Rising DeadBen Jordan 5: Land of the Rising Dead

After the events in London, Ben Jordan returns home for a much needed rest. One day, he receives a conference call from his friends Simon Booth and Alice Wilkins.

Ben Jordan Case 6: Scourge of the Sea PeopleBen Jordan 6: Scourge of the Sea People

Following Alice's near-fatal poisoning in Japan, the paranormal investigating trio decides a vacation is in order. Traveling to Greece, they find themselves in the remote fishing...

Ben Jordan Case 7: The Cardinal SinsBen Jordan 7: The Cardinal Sins

It's Christmas Eve in Rome. What should be a joyful occasion becomes a senseless tragedy as a priest is murdered in cold blood. Back home in Philadelphia, Ben Jordan receives...

Brain HotelBrain Hotel

Brain Hotel is a point-and-click adventure game in the tradition of such classic LucasArts games as Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island series.

Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the TemplarsBroken Sword: The Return of the Templars

The last months were quite a blow to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his grandfather died of a cancerous growth.

Casebook Episode 0: The Missing UrnCasebook Episode 0: The Missing Urn

How far could one man's ashes go? When Detective Burton's Aunt Maggie is involved, who's to say? It's a mystery of curious proportions when her husband's ashes go walkabout.

Cedric and the RevolutionCedric and the Revolution

Follow the adventure of Cedric and Victor as they try to get a demonstration up and running. It's not as easy as it sounds and they end up doing something completely different.

Cherry's Quest For CoffeeCherry's Quest For Coffee

There are a few things that would drive people mad if they suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Fuel is one and coffee is another. When an unexplained world shortage...

Chick ChaserChick Chaser

"Chick Chaser" is a romantic comedy adventure game in the tradition of Sierra´s "Leisure Suit Larry". The puzzles are hard but fair and there are several possibilities to end this game.

Cosmos Quest 1Cosmos Quest 1

Cosmos Quest is a series influenced by the Space Quest adventure games from Sierra. Year: Far in the future. Location: Yellow Fog Galaxy, somewhere on the bridge between...

Cosmos Quest 2Cosmos Quest 2

Cosmos Quest is a series influenced by the Space Quest adventure games from Sierra. The story continues where the first chapter suddenly ends. The Federation is still strong, but...