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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 14)

Draw FireDraw Fire

Draw Fire is a popular free PC game from Gamma Prime, the makers of Toy Shoppe Starring Yishee, but on a completely different genre. Here we delve in the spirit...

DreamBall 64DreamBall 64

In DreamBall 64 you take control of a ball and roll through several levels packed with obstacles. To succeed in this fun PC game you must pass all of the gates and...


“drone” is basically a top-down shooter combined with a tower defense combined with a RTS with a bit of driving sim and rpg in there. You kill enemies to collect money which you may...


DroneSwarm was created as an entry for the shmup-dev forum competition 2k7 round 2. The theme for the contest was “options”. The name comes from Gradius.

Duck Doom DeluxeDuck Doom Deluxe

The classic fun of Duck Hunt... The splendid brutality of Doom... Together at last in Duck Doom Deluxe, a free shooter game that mixes two classic games.