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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 13)

Deity free PC action RPG Diablo-like gameDeity

The prolific students from DigiPen Institute of Technology created another amazing and free PC game for all of us to enjoy. Deity mixes concepts from games so dissimilar such...

Denkou STG 2 free PC shooterDenkou STG 2

Denkou STG is a freeware vertical shooter from Japanese minds that spews laser beams to all sides. It’s a challenging shoot’em up with some really gray scenario, something...


Descension is a free game from the students at the Digipen Institute of Technology, where great games such as Tag: The Power of Paint, Narbacular Drop or PhaseOut were developed.

Desktop DungeonsDesktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons offers an unquestionably unique approach to roguelike games by taking compactness to the extreme. It distills the entire genre to a few core ideas...


The Destructivator is a retro styled platform shooter - 20 levels of fast and furious arcade action. Blast your way to Zallagor's lair to rid the world of this evil monster!


Dispell is a game from the makers of the impressive free cartoon racing game Dirchie Kart. It’s a shooter based on the good old days of PC gaming, when every player...


From the developer: I made this little thing in a couple of days in late October, 2006. It was an experiment in creating a never-ending boss battle with a boss that improves ad infinitum.

Donkey KongDonkey Kong

Donkey Kong PC is a remake of the now classic Donkey Kong game. Help the likable gorilla, although his name does suggest an ass, to reach the final levels.

Dr. Blob's OrganismDr. Blob's Organism

Dr. Blob's Organism is a lightning-fast shooter game where players blast feisty one-celled organisms as they try to escape from a petri dish.