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Top 5 Free PC Slender like Games Vol. 1

Slender started a craze that is far from dying, with dozens of copycats from indie developers and just plain amateurs appearing from all corners of the world. But among these games there’s an awful lot of trash that should just be buried and forgotten. We tried to pick the best 5 games inspired by Slender, the crazy, tentacular, sharply-dressed and paper-obsessed creature for you to play and shit your pants.

5- Slender’s Woods

Slender’s Woods caters for both kinds of horror fans – the ones looking for cheap scares and those that like some text with their chills. So this game has two modes and the story mode is obviously the most interesting addition to a series of Slender clones that did nothing more than change the locations. A good game that decided it wouldn’t settle for the same old thing.

4- Survivers

In Survivers, or Survivors (whatever, those Russians are crazy), Slender takes some well-deserved time off and in his place we have an evil werewolf of doom. The great thing about this game is that it’s a co-op affair for up to four players and potentially one of the games that will make you go deaf, depending on how much your friends like to scream. It’s barebones but the fun is in the multiplayer, as you probably know already.

3- Eyes

This one launched to a great reception but got even better in the second version, with a new and impressive ghost model that will give you quite a few scares. It’s a bit like Slender but MUCH better, since it has a few interesting features, like the ability to see through the eyes of the ghost for a few seconds, or the randomization of the money bags. A great little horror game.

2- Dream of the Bloodmoon

This is a really haunting game, with a mystery to solve in a nightmarish yet beautiful landscape. This is one of the best looking games that the Slender craze inspired, with amazing visuals and sound. But besides the ghost that stubbornly follows us around and likes to peek through our window like the stalker she is, the atmosphere itself is properly creepy and the puzzles will make sure you stick around for a while.

1- Haunt: The Real Slender Game

Sure, there’s the official Slender: The Arrival, but you have to pay for that one. So, if you’re a cheap bastard like we are, you’ll have to go with Haunt: The Real Slender Game, which, quite frankly, looks so amazing that you’ll spend a few minutes exploring the GreenPark before realizing you just got owned by good old Slendy. A beautiful game with a spine-chilling atmosphere. By the way, the game is so good that it’s being turned into a series called Haunted Memories, with a lot more depth to it, so go read about it in the official website.

To finish this top we tip our hats – or we would, if we had any – to Hide, a little freeware game that was released about a year ago before the first Slender game appeared. If you don’t know Hide, check it out and you’ll see the similarities between the two. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Until next time and good scares.