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Top 5 Free WTF PC Games Vol.2

We are back for more bizarre, more 'what the ***' games, because we know you love your games twisted, surreal and completely defying any logic. Enjoy our second Top 5 Free ‘WTF?!’ Games and as always, leave us a comment suggesting a game for the next top.

5-Surgeon Simulator 2013

More like Parkinson Simulator 2013, to be honest. By mixing QWOP with delicate heart surgery, Bossa Studios managed to create a comedy classic, an operation where everything goes completely wrong and you might as well be performing surgery with a chainsaw. This guy is probably as much a doctor as you and me, since he didn’t think he would even need medical gloves. Contamination? Who cares? The patient is going to die anyway, if all the tools spread across the operating room are any indication. A good game to have a quick laugh.


Bwak takes one of the most popular worldwide hobbies - zapping - and turns it into a game. Only in the game you’re a chicken and sometimes changing the channels may actually make you explode. Some real shows could have that effect on you, so we sympathize with the chicken. It’s a one button, score attack game and it’s so weird, so surreal that it keeps you playing just one more time until you give up and realize just how shallow it is.

3-Twisty’s Asylum Escapades

In this game you have to escape from an asylum. Nothing special here, at least until you realize that you control a purple, evil, floating brain with razor sharp teeth. But there’s more: you will face ghosts and enemies with swords, while some cute nurses giggle and offer you health pills. And for some even stranger reason, the brain has to collect lots of posters along the way. This is, indeed, a game that will make your brain hurt!

2-Vidiot Game

Vidiot Game looks more like a collection of random stuff than a proper game. It’s completely surreal, breaking every convention that you’ve learned about videogames and just asking you stuff one second and getting you into a chase the next. There’s also no logic to the questions, you just choose something and see what kind of devious reward or punishment you’ll get. But hey, what would you expect from a game where you control a potato, a mushroom and a pan?

1-Revenge of the Sunfish

Wow, where should we begin with this one? This is the most psychedelic, surreal, crazy, broken, can’t-believe-your-eyes sort of game that you’ll ever experience. Forget everything you know about games, Revenge of the Sunfish will throw so much stuff at you that you’ll begin to wonder if you just drank too much and don’t remember. It’s a wacky collection of stuff – we won’t dare to call them mini-games – that even includes a controversial sequence where you’ll be making love with your keyboard. Once in a while there’s a glimpse of a proper game here, but the horrible MS Paint graphics will make you look away instantly. However, if you liked this – some people like sticking needles in their skin, so who are we to argue – then you should know a sequel is in the making. Lucky you!

And there you have it, 5 more “what the ****” games that will blow your mind. Don’t play all of them in a single day since the outcome is unpredictable. In fact, DO play them and let us know how it turned out… as soon as you leave the psychiatric ward.