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OFF is an RPG made by Mortis Ghost in RPGmaker. OFF is a unique game which has gained a large cult following due to this.

In OFF you take control of the character, “The Batter”, and your important mission is to purify the world. This leads you to purify each level otherwise know as a zone and there are four zones to travel to and purify. While that's about it for the story, an interesting thing about “the batter” is the fact that you don’t play him, it’s actually acknowledged at the start of the game that “the batter” is merely a puppet and you, “the player” are his puppeteer, the game acknowledges you and “the batter” as two different characters to the game.

You will fight many bizarre creatures on the quest to purify the zones. These fights are very much turn based, but you can only choose to attack once a loading bar is full to allow you to choose another action. Now the design of some of these creatures themselves is actually very bizarre, it’s actually hard to describe how they appear in a few words, but they all appear to be very unique.

Much of the used music is something you’d never normally hear that much in today's society but fits well into the game. The graphics are certainly interesting, with its monochrome look on characters and its limited colour palette used on the world in the game. To describe all this together is actually very difficult and I’d leave up to the players for themselves to decide whether they personally like it or not.

The game has many puzzles, very good ones, not like for a mathematical genius, but ones that require you to just really think, then it's kind of obvious what the answer is. Anyone could do it if they put their mind to it. The puzzles require pressing blocks or turning switches on and off in a particular order, going through a maze, finding codes and answering quizzes. Though some may require the use of a pen and paper if your short term memory isn’t top notch.

The only problems with the game is its incompatibility with Windows 8 and its low resolution which as I could see, couldn’t be changed. If gaming on a large, high resolution monitor, the game may actually hurt your eyes as the game itself is set to a strict resolution of 640x480.

Overall, OFF is such a unique game, you just have to play it, whether you like RPGs or not, this game is actually quite amazing.

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