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Top 5 Free Haunted House 3D Horror Games Vol.2

Do you feel the urge of exploring haunted houses? Are you willing to be scared, frustrated and just can’t wait to feel a warm liquid running down your leg? Then you probably should get your head checked, you sick f***. On the other hand, if you like playing games set in haunted houses, then this is for you. Here’s the volume 2 of our Top 5 free haunted house horror games!

5-Stonewick Manor

The Stonewick Manor seems to have some serious decoration issues, the most aggravating being the abundance of small stone cherubs from hell (or from Doctor Who). These little creeps will get closer to you when you’re not looking and smack you until you die. They’re fairly weak opponents though and you’ll escape this mansion in about 10 minutes. Although the atmosphere is good and there’s a likeable lack of jumpscares, even Hello Kitty would make for a scarier antagonist.

4-Kuro Oni

Kuro Oni is a pretty good horror game inspired by Ao Oni. In full 3D, this game places you inside an abandoned mansion that is supposedly haunted – we all know what that means, we’re going to discover something we won’t like. You play as a skeptic scientist that will quickly change his mind about the existence of monsters. We don’t know if that happens before or while is being chomped on by the horrible creature that protects the mansion, but the end result is the same. Unless you manage to escape, of course.


Eyes shows that with some effort you can get the Slender template and actually make something… well, good. For starters, you know who you are – you’re a thief. Shame on you. You have to explore this house and steal money bags, but you weren’t expecting to meet the house’s guard ghost. Furniture will move and plates will clatter every time the ghost is near, but the twist is that you can use eye collectibles to share vision with the ghost for a short time - perfect for planning your next move. The game also randomizes the locations of the bags, eye icons and a key, so the challenge is always new.

2-Phobia: The Fear of the Darkness

Phobia: The Fear of the Darkness is a different kind of horror game, at least judging by current standards. You know, the hundreds of “collect X pages” Slender clones that drop you into the action without any explanation. This one, however, actually has this… what’s it called… oh, right, STORYLINE! Yep, Phobia has a story and a mystery for you to solve, both of which are not so common nowadays. But don’t worry, behind all the Amnesia-like adventuring there’s also the usual jumpscare and crazy S.O.B. that wants to kill you, even if it’s the last thing he does.


Ilde… Ildefonn… This game [name appears on screen with an arrow] is a genuinely creepy horror adventure that says no to jumpscares and prefers to go down the atmosphere road - and it completely succeeds. There’s a great sense of wonder while we explore every corner of the now abandoned building. It’s weird that the lights are still working, probably because ghosts are afraid of the dark and keep paying the electricity bill. Anyway, this game is a success. Also, it places you in the shoes of a guy with a serious coughing problem and that alone managed to scare the hell out of us.

And this was Volume 2. Let us know if you liked it, share it with your friends and help us get to make a lot more of these.