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Top 10 Free RPG Maker Horror Games 2013

Hey, do you love Slender and all the games that go “Boooo!” in your face every ten seconds? Is your brain on vacations when you’re playing horror games? Well, then get the hell out, this isn’t for you! This is a top where games actually have a storyline to them, making you use your brain as much as getting scared to death. These are horror games for the clever masses. This is our Top 10 RPG Maker Horror Games 2013!

10- Hidden in the Shadows 2

Inspired by Ao Oni, the Hidden in the Shadows series now has a third chapter that isn’t free and is played in first-person perspective. But we like our games free because that’s just how we roll. So, Hidden in the Shadows 2 clearly improves on the first game and is very creepy in a oh-my-god-it’s-so-dark-in-here kind of way. Some puzzles are a bit glitchy but this is a nice little horror game.

9-One Night Full Circle

This entry won’t make sense without the two previous games in the series, so go play them now, we’ll wait. Back? Good. So One Night Full Circle offers you a good adventure plate with a lot of blood and scares along the way. Despite a storyline that seems to be all over the place, it still manages to be extremely engrossing nonetheless. A fourth game is in development.

8- Schuld

Schuld is one of several 2D horror games that have a great Silent Hill feel to it. The good Silent Hill games, let me stress that. With a genuinely creepy story set in a depressing world overtaken by a flesh eating disease, among other twisted circumstances, this is the horror kind that won’t make you fall off your chair. Instead, you’ll feel a recurrent chill as you learn more about this dying world. Schuld is good psychological horror with a hint of action scenes and puzzles.

7-Ao Oni

One of the most popular free 2D horror games ever, Ao Oni isn’t exactly groundbreaking. Its generic cast decides to enter a generic abandoned mansion and then get hunted by a generic blue monster. It’s like the plot to a really bad horror movie, but hey, let’s go with it. The approach to the graphics and sound is pretty minimalistic, although the music that plays when we’re being chased is quite unsettling. This is a good game, quite scary at times, but it doesn’t hold as many surprises as other titles of the genre.


Paranoiac seems to be inspired by Ao Oni in that we explore an empty house and suddenly there’s something very bloody and nasty chasing us. Graphics have this retro charm and serve their purpose, which is to scare the living daylights out of you. Despite the creepy atmosphere and sounds, it’s the chasing parts that will freak you out and make you sweat, with the pressure of sudden death looming at every corner. You can hide, but that doesn’t mean you won’t die several times and scream in frustration. Paranoiac is frustrating, in a good, horror game way.

5-The Crooked Man

It doesn’t get any more depressing than this. Well, perhaps only our number 4 manages to beat this game on the depressing factor, but The Crooked Man really tries hard. With a very strong Silent Hill feel to it, this game puts you in the shoes of a failed man, David, who moves into a new home to try and get a break from bad luck. However, he begins hearing people crying and finding strange messages and so he decides to discover who the previous tenant in his apartment was. Like its protagonist, The Crooked Man is unsuccessful in some aspects, but manages to tell a depressing, mysterious tale.

4-Yume Nikki

This is certainly one of the weirdest horror games ever, mostly because it’s open to a lot of interpretations. It’s also a bit psychedelic and won’t appeal to all players, since wondering in nightmarish abstract landscapes is a good part of the alleged fun. But those that persevere will be rewarded with a mysterious and passionate tale that is never quite explained. It’s the craziest game, but one that will stay in your head for months on end.

3-Mad Father

Mad Father is an amazing horror adventure game with some cool artwork and a very satisfying length. There’s a great atmosphere to it, the plot is engrossing and there are a few different endings. This is a genuinely scary game and one of the finest examples of how to instill fear through a perfect mix of jumpscares, atmosphere and a crazy father who loves to conduct twisted experiments on humans. And Aya, the main character, looks a lot like an anime Alice to us, which is OK in our book.

2-The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House is an impressive RPG Maker horror game and one that tries to completely mess with your mind. It’s not just the mysterious black cat that is to blame for this, but also the titular Witch’s House. This is a place that will creep you out, with many events that even a Ghostbuster wouldn’t be able to stomach. But the shocking thing about this game is the true ending. I mean, it will make you rethink the entire game and show a thing or two to a certain M. Night Shyamalan. Now that’s a fucked up twist!


Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Ib, nor can any screenshot do it justice. This game is living proof that one just needs imagination to create one of the most surprising horror games ever, without any need for bells and whistles. Every new room in this mysterious art gallery has a surprise in store, usually a spine-chilling one, and this is a game that those who experienced it without spoilers will never forget. Ib is as good when it launched as it will be in 20 years. This is what dreams… I mean, nightmares are made of.

That was our Top 10 RPG Maker Horror Games for 2013. Let us know if you agree with our choices and which other games you would include here. But most importantly, enjoy them, get scared and have a new pair of pants at the ready. See you next time.