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SlendyTubbies is a free horror game that spoofs two popular series from different media – the Slenderman game and the Teletubbies. Instead of being chased by the titular Slenderman, the player is chased by Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby – and he even killed the remaining Teletubbies, which are bound to be scattered across the game map. The goal of the game is that you, a white Teletubby with a top hat, collect 10 custards.

SlendyTubbies offers three different times of day rated by the “scariness” factor. Day is scary, Dusk is scarier and Night is scariest. There’s no proper difficulty change, but the darkness will make the map a lot more complicated to navigate and harder to spot the evil Tinky Winky. When he gets close to you, you’ll hear a ear-piercing scream that will make you cover your ears and make your character run as fast as you can to a place where silence returns.

But the main appeal of SlendyTubbies is the multiplayer option, something that works a lot like the horror game Survivors. As for the rest, this is a pretty straightforward game, one that plays just like any Slender clone. After this and Spongebob Slendypants, which characters will get the Slender treatment next?

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