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Skylands is a 3D platforming game with a unique gliding mechanic made by Dopamine Shot, a team of 5 students.

In Skylands you play Ura, a girl trying to find her brother, in a world that isn't described how it got there or how long it had been there, but this doesn't need to be described. Not much needs to be described at all actually, this is probably because of how beautiful and unique the game is.

I wouldn't say the graphics are the most amazing compared to any other game out there, but what I mean, is the graphics work, they look good, and everything together looks beautiful. Also one thing to mention is the sky, you may not notice it at first but once you begin to fly, and when you see the land juxtaposed with the sky, it reminds you of one of those moments as a child, playing an amazing game and it just looking so good, that you loved it, and have it forever imprinted in your mind.

The use of music is amazing, and kind of unique as well. The music itself is peaceful, but the thing about it the makes it so different to other music in games, is the fact that depending on what part you're in of the level, lyrics that fit into the music are played to describe a small back story and what the main character Ura is thinking.

I only came across one glitch myself, it happened when I accidentally flew Ura into a rock wall, but for some reason when she fell to the ground she flipped 180 degrees, and then all of a sudden I was walking upside down on the land. This glitch was easily fixed by walking of the edge of the small amount of land and having it respawn me. You might have so problems with the controls, but it doesn't take to long to master them. Another problem I had was the fact the game was so short, I really wanted more out of it, because it was just so good.

Now on the technical side of the game (I know some of you may not understand this), I presume it uses MSAA for anti-aliasing, which is alright, but not when it come to foliage like leaves and grass. I would recommend SMAA for that, since there are sometimes noticeable patches of grass or leaves on trees. Also I was disappointed by the that the AA feature only had a simple on and off button, and not an amount of definable AA like 2x, 4x, or 8x, because I notice that many objects still have somewhat pixelated edges.

Overall, it is still an amazing little game.

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