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The Button Affair

The Button Affair is a 2.5D platformer game (if you'd like to call it that). The story behind the game is that you play Enzo Gabriel, a thief, trying to steal the priceless Button Jewel from the wealthy business tycoon Victor Meirelles.

The button affair is a very simple run and jump/roll over/under objects that will harm you game. You must run through a level without being hit by one of the many objects or people in your path, or very simply you have to restart from your last checkpoint. It can get quite frustrating after a bit with seeing constant death animations. Even though you dying a lot is a great possibility, the good thing is that the death scenes last around a second long so in no time you're straight into the game again.

While the story can be a little short, it’s like a mixture of James bond, with his love for women, and a thief. You can also get a few laughs out of it, but not a lot because the game itself is quite short.

The only real problem with the game I had was that I was able to easily clip though objects that would kill you if your character touched it. This happened when I was to run at maximum speed, and if there were two death traps close to each other, I would jump over one and clip through the other. Even though it’s a small bug, it kind of ruins the purpose of jumping or rolling under death traps.

Overall, for the short time that the game lasts, it's a good one. Even though the game itself is short, it is definitely something you should play.

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