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Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade is a free-to-play MMORPG originally known as Queen’s Blade Online. This game is popular for a particular feature – an all-female cast of elite warriors. It’s a mature MMO game since the females are not only portrayed in exaggerated fashion, but it’s also possible to walk around with your avatar pretty much naked. This group of female warriors is known as Arkana and is humanity’s last hope to destroy the alien invaders.

Despite a somewhat puerile idea and the aim of selling the game as a mature MMORPG, Scarlet Blade has enough quality to convince players to explore its game world. It’s a classic MMORPG featuring mechs, PvP and all the staples of the genre, with the added bonus (or disadvantage, depending on your point of view) of some eye-candy for players to admire. Scarlet Blade is a good enough game to spend some hours questing, if you don’t mind the all-female choice of characters.

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