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Top 5 Free Haunted House 3D Horror Games Vol.1

The haunted house is one of the most effective means of horror, both in videogames and movies. When done right, it can be chilling and horrifying beyond measure. We decided to gather five horror games that place you in a haunted house, dealing with a demonic creature or even worse. This is volume one of FreePCGamers Top 5 free ‘haunted house’ horror games, 3D edition.


In Candles, for some strange reason, you live in a house in the middle of a dark forest inhabited by imp-like creatures. One day they decide to invade your house and now you have to scare them away using light. Candles are a good beginning, but only the generator will do the trick – good luck figuring out how to start it. Will this experience disturb the main character forever and make him consider moving out for good? Nope. He’ll just go to bed and sleep peacefully.


You just inherited your grandmother’s house. Lucky you, right? Wrong! This house seems to be inhabited by something and there’s a dark tale just waiting for you to uncover. A beautiful game that mixes moody jumpscares with some fiendishly hard puzzles, it will keep you occupied for a while. The frustration is all worth it, due to the astonishing atmosphere and an ending that is, quite frankly, one of the creepiest things we’ve ever experienced, be it in videogames or movies.


Which is a scary game not only due to its amazingly original atmosphere, but a few minutes on you’ll get to know a headless and heartless inhabitant whose intentions are very mysterious. Should you help her? You do anyway, hoping that you two can escape this nightmarish house. The two very different endings are likely to both surprise and shock you.

2-Resolute Dark

What’s worse than living in a haunted house? Being a kid, hearing a demon speak to you and having no clue of the whereabouts of your mom and dad in a haunted house, that’s what. For a game created in little over a week, Resolute Dark is an amazing yet flawed accomplishment. If you manage to overcome the bugs you’ll be in for a spooky ride until you discover the fate of your parents in an ending that is open for interpretation.

1-Baby Blues

You play as 5 year old Tommy, a child who definitely loves his teddy bears and has to collect them in the middle of a very scary night. Although based on the ‘collect x items’ concept made popular by Slender, this is a brilliant little game with a genuinely creepy atmosphere, so don’t let the occasional jumpscare put you off this terrific adventure.

And that’s our volume 1 of the haunted house games. We know there are more games out there, so don’t worry, a volume 2 surely won’t take long. Don’t forget to comment this top and leave your suggestions for the next volume.