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Asterion is a very original and free action adventure game developed by a French team called Team T.A.T.U. Dubbed as interactive work and freely inspired by one of Borgès' short stories called "The House of Asterion", this is a game that manages to have a Dear Esther vibe to it, while at the same time offering some exciting action moments and first-person melee combat.

The original game world will leave players gazing and exploring in awe during the first minutes, while the narrator (speaking in French) tells us about our past and sheds some light on your character. Exploration will soon turn into a frantic brawl as mysterious characters wearing masks invade your home and try to stab you. Fleeing from home, you’ll explore other magical places, all with a visual talent that is both dreamlike and nightmarish. It’s as much a game as an experience, giving you an odd feeling about what you’re experiencing.

The result is compelling, passionate and extremely capable visually, often stunning. While there’s a lot to explore and appreciate for players who like to live mysterious fables and trying to make sense of it, sometimes we wish that there weren’t so many characters trying to stab us all the time. Perhaps there’s some sense to the dozens of men wearing pig masks and chasing you, but Asterion is more impressive during its more peaceful moments. Recommended if you’re looking for a beautiful, dysfunctional and stimulating adventure.

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