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Grave Prosperity

Grave Prosperity is a very different kind of free horror game created using the RPG Maker engine. Instead of the usual tiny sprites and perplexing maps, we have an adventure game with huge characters and photo-realistic backgrounds. There’s a B-Movie tone to this first episode of the series, which you can download and play for free.

In this episode you get to play as Amber, a 19 year-old girl who is attacked and left for dead in the woods. Walking without an idea as to where you are going, you end up in an ancient asylum deep in the heart of the woods. But this place holds several secrets that will haunt you and turn this into a memorable journey. Amber is searching for her sister, who is missing for over a week and the police doesn’t seem to do anything to find her.

Grave Prosperity is a game that looks like it jumped straight from the first years of the Commodore Amiga, with its detailed but awkwardly animated characters, a very bad overlay of these in the background (and no resizing according to the distance) and some laughable (but apparently placeholder) voiceovers. But there’s a strange compelling factor to it, a mystery that drives us to explore the creepy asylum and see just where this game will take us. It’s worth a look for fans of horror adventure games.

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