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Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now is the rare kind of horror game that tries to be much more than that. The concept is very original, as well as the setting. You play as a schizophrenic that his caught inside her own deranged mind and the game world is a large building appropriately titled the Maze of Pain and Fear. This is just a representation of your disturbed mind and you have to navigate from the lower parts of the building up to the top, hopefully to be healed or set free. But this journey has many dangers, such as the monsters in your head which will freeze and pull you towards them, eventually killing you.

You have to collect the pieces of your mind, meaning glowing orbs in some trees, which will be used to unlock some doors and keep you moving forward.

One of the most amazing things in this free game (besides being free and of such high quality) is the visuals. The mood is just fantastic, particularly the first stage with all the sticky notes on the walls, but there are other, more hellish maps to explore. It’s also a testament of its quality that the game rarely relies on jumpscares, instead focusing on ambient sounds and atmosphere to give you a creepy vibe and sense of dread, as well as of the unexpected.

Don’t Look Now plays beautifully, progress is smooth and there’s always a surprise around the corner, something to keep you motivated to fully explore the twisted mind of the main character. Don’t Look Now isn’t just a good horror game, it’s a beautiful game altogether for anyone who loves a great concept.

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