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Homesick is a free 2D pixel-art side-scrolling horror game created by one single, talented person called Chloe Sagal. Fans of horror games such as Home, Lone Survivor or the freeware hit Ascension will instantly be at ease with the feel and look of Homesick. The author describes her game as a short point and click style adventure game that will take about 30 minutes to complete, but the game is being overhauled and there's even a sequel in development.

The story is introduced in a sober but chilling way, reporting some horrifying murders that happened in a house a decade ago. The victims were either related to or friends of the main character in the game. The killer was never found and the house was demolished, with a new one being built in its place. The house was bought by a friend, but there’s no news on him anymore, so you decide to visit to see if everything’s alright. It doesn’t seem to be, seeing by the complete darkness.

With the help of a flashlight you’ll explore the house and discover the shocking truth – there’s a deranged killer stalking you in Slenderman style. Don’t stay too long in one room, keep moving and turn off the flashlight and run away to escape. The sense of dread and fear of the unknown is very well realized and the eerie feeling that someone is waiting just around the corner to jump out on you is palpable.

Homesick is a nice little horror game that hopefully will be further developed into a larger and more diversified title. We, for one, hope to see more of this deranged, invisible killer.

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