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The Mirror Lied

The Mirror Lied is a short free adventure game developed by Freebird Games, which some of you may recognize as the makers of the acclaimed indie hit To the Moon. Yes, the game that got so many compliments for its story and music that it’s crazy.

The Mirror Lied was released before To the Moon but both games share the interface and some assets, as you can see by the lamps, clocks or other furniture. This game also looks like an RPG (it was created with RPG Maker, after all) but it’s an adventure created in four days and that will take you about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. It’s not a horror game, but there’s a sense of dread that is difficult to get rid of. The music box will help to create that tension.

You play as Leah, a girl living in a big and silent house where suddenly strange phone calls disrupt your exploration (you have just a few seconds to pick up the phone, so hurry!). There’s also a computer that has several warning e-mails, but the story is somewhat cryptic and is completely open to interpretation, although some good theories can creep up.

The Mirror Lied represents 20 minutes very well spent in a game that actually has more adventure gameplay than To the Moon and is a more condensed experience. By the end of the game you’ll be wondering if this cutesy game is actually a horror game after all, only a psychological horror without any of the cheap jump scares that so many games resort to nowadays.

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