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Mothhead isn’t exactly a game; it’s more of an interactive art demo created by San Francisco-based industry art studio Massive Black using the Unity engine. This free art game is comprised of two areas – the underground grotto and the surrounding outside area. The main originality of this piece is that you’ll control a moth, flying around and exploring the amazing environment, looking at other insects and fantastical creatures.

Inside the dark underground grotto you’re going to find and control the complete Mothhead creature and solve a simple puzzle, which will allow you to enter the garden and broad daylight. Here, besides exploring the area and marveling at the stunning visuals, there’s a small puzzle to solve. The goal is to free your moth friend from an improvised prison and fly away happily together. It’s not much of a challenge and it can be completed in less than 10 minutes, but it will take you some more time to fully appreciate the vistas and behold the power of Unity.

Play it for a while, enjoy the flying and roaming around and explore every corner before you decide to end your adventure with this moth. And if you think this is the weirdest character you’ve ever played, then you don’t know Bad Mojo, a game where you controlled a cockroach!

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