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In Plain Sight

Fans of stealth action games like the Splinter Cell series aren’t exactly fulfilled in the freeware space. Games such as the classic Ubisoft series starring Sam Fisher are few and far between, so it’s a good thing that four students from the Vancouver Film School decided to take a shot at the genre with In Plain Sight, a game created with the ever-popular Unity engine.

Viewed from an old-school top-down isometric perspective, In Plain Sight has just enough gameplay mechanics to entertain stealth fans during the hour or so that the campaign lasts. It ends with a big “To be continued”, but as much as we’d love to continue the story, we won’t keep our hopes up.

Your character isn’t the most resourceful hero ever, but he knows enough to sneak into a high-security research facility, trying to discover the whereabouts of his son and why he is being held captive. By hacking a few terminals, knocking out some scientists and guards and taking their disguises, you’ll venture deeper inside the Isis Labs, only to stumble upon higher security. Sometimes all it takes is a soda or a coffee to distract the workers and get inside that vital room. In great stealth tradition, human enemies and surveillance cameras have view cones to show where they are looking at, requiring a perfect timing to infiltrate the areas and to surprise them with a clean blow to the back of their heads.

In Plain Sight is a nice exercise in stealth and a refreshing change of pace from shooters and horror games, a couple of genres that are getting much attention nowadays. Although it could be improved in a few areas – it’s very linear and it should offer more in the way of improvisation –, it’s an accomplished game and one that keeps us going until we discover the character’s son.

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