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Once in a while we stumble upon a genius game that makes us wonder how the developers decided to offer it for free. Are they out of their minds? Well, Magnesium Ninja Studios probably is, since Ascension is one of the best horror games we’ve played recently and it’s completely free!

Using the not-so-common side-scrolling perspective that we’ve seen in indie hits Lone Survivor and Home, Ascension is, to put it shortly, amazing. We we’re playing it and thinking just how polished it is, how it could easily be sold for a few bucks on Steam and yet all gamers can download it for no cost. Well, just go for it and remember to leave a comment on the author’s page.

As far as the storyline goes, you play as a Gordon Freeman lookalike who decided to take his sick daughter to work. Their relationship isn’t exactly great and Viola is left at the care of a friend. However, this is the day when something strange happened at work and now you must find Viola, as well as some things that you wish you didn’t find…

Ascension is more a psychological horror game than a jump in your face horror game and it’s all the better for it. The tension rises as the flashlight dies, as we hear the noise of a creature not far ahead and as we hold our breath for a few seconds to walk unnoticed in complete darkness. Now it’s a race to find Viola and escape the building, but we’re not completely defenseless, since an axe will come in handy to take down some creatures.

The use of the flashlight is amazing – you control it with the mouse, having full control over it. It’s sometimes odd how the character runs backwards at the same speed as forward, but this is a small niggle that is quickly ignored. With great graphics, a suspenseful storyline and very adequate sound effects and music, Ascension ranks as one of the best free horror games ever in our book.

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