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Silent Santiago

Inspired by the popular Silent Hill survival horror series from Konami, Silent Santiago is a free horror game developed by students of a Chilean university. The streets in this game are inspired by the reality of the Santiago city, in Chile, going so far as to recreating the plazas and the narrow alleys. The atmosphere, however, is incredibly eerie and similar to the Silent Hill games, with a thick fog covering the entire city.

Although Silent Santiago manages to fall in the cheap jumpscare tactics, somewhat undermining the good work in the atmosphere, you’ll also get to see some much more terrifying visions later, such as a scary granny. And then there’s some more jumpscares.

The goal of the game is to navigate the maze-like streets of the city of Santiago and to reach the exit, without any puzzles or detours along the way. Visuals are effective and this is a game that horror fans should check out, as long as they don’t mind the heart-stopping jumpscares that the designers decided to throw in the game.

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