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Major Hertz

Major Hertz
Five students from the Vancouver Film School developed Major Hertz, a free third person shooter created with Unity3d. Gameplay is reminiscent of the 80’s shooters, being incredibly fast-paced and with explosions all over the place, never letting go for a second.

You control Major Hertz, a badass soldier that enters a ravaging war against the evil Onyx Cross in deep space. Shooting is an essential part, using the explosive barrels to full effect, but boosting is also important to overcome the hordes of enemies that are thrown at you at every moment. There’s a boost bar but the terrain also displays some arrows that boost your character to high speeds, and you can even ram your enemies along the way. Your energy is wisely represented by a bar labeled Man Power – as this is a game for real men!

Major Hertz has a nice focus on scoring, with each enemy killed adding to the score. Since the game is very intense but quite short – less than ten minutes to see the end –, this is a nice push for replayability.

With extremely polished visuals and nonstop action, Major Hertz is a really cool game and a great throwback to the times when action games were just mindless, unadulterated fun.

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