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What kind of irrational fear do you have? In the case of the Hylophobia game, you play as someone who has a fear of forests and trees. It’s pretty understandable considering you’re all alone, in the dark, after your plane crashed and, for some reason, your only means of escaping the woods is by finding three orbs. Luckily, at the beginning you pick up a flashlight and a GPS that will lead you to each orb.

However, you’re in for a nightmarish stroll, since the forest isn’t exactly peaceful. Besides some horrifying sounds, there are some skulls that will kill you if you approach them. As you collect the orbs, they get to chase you faster and the sounds will get louder and scarier. Using the GPS to go straight to the orb coordinates will save you a lot of time and eventually help you to escape.

Although very short, Hylophobia has its share of scares and a nice, dark atmosphere. What’s best about this game is the randomness of it all, since the orbs and creatures appear at different places each time you play. A nice, effective little game for every horror fan.

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