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Black Mesa

Black Mesa free PC first-person shooter gameBlack Mesa is a much anticipated Half-Life 2 total conversion remaking of Valve Software's award-winning PC game, Half-Life. The Source engine is put to fabulous use to reintroduce us to the first amazing adventure of Gordon Freeman, one of the most popular games of all-time.

The original storyline and cast is back with a great visual overhaul in Black Mesa, offering an experience that will satisfy fans in a way that Half-Life: Source clearly didn’t. The Source engine is used to its full potential, with new models, maps, soundtrack, voice acting and textures contributing to a polished and wonderful new take on a game that set new standards for the story-based FPS.

This total conversion will not require Half-Life: Source to play - only a copy of any Source Engine game installed on Steam or a free installation of the Source Sdk Base 2007!

Free Full PC Game Download (3.8 GB):
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